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Hospital bathrooms were not unlike hospitals itself. Sterile, white, blinding. He felt stark naked, and he couldn't tell if it was from the intense aura Nathan seemed to exude or the harsh lighting. The guy seemed to have a serious aversion to any form of help. Either way, he wished he had a hole to crawl into. 

Depositing Nathan by the sink, he quickly washed his hands. He scrubbed under each and every cuticle with care. Like everything else Lucas did, he did it thoroughly, with vigor. From his peripherals, he could tell that Nathan was busy checking his face in the mirror. I wouldn't worry about your face when the rest of your body is probably feeling like shit. Lucas sniffled, wiping at his the blood from his philtrum. He flicked his wrists, flexing his fingers and effectively getting water everywhere. 

He turned back to the other man only to be met with a shit-eating grin. Nathan going on about his shoes. Nathan going on about how he was definitely no son of a rich doctor. Lucas felt his stomach sink a little. Even if the guy didn't mean it, he had definitely hit a nerve. Was it just him or was Nathan's tone downright belittling? Was he just being too sensitive? Fuck, it's not like he knows. It's not like he can see right through me, right? 

His face was getting hot. He splashed some water on his cheeks for good measure before turning back to the man.

"Thank you for the offer Mr Fischer, but I think I like my shoes pretty well. If you really insist on flaunting your money though, how about my monthly rent?", he gave a small huff that was supposed to resemble a friendly chuckle. Hopefully the other male would just laugh it off instead of saying anything more. 

"Oh, no need to thank me", Lucas replied lightly. Wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't my job after all. Allowing Nathan to attach himself to his arm, he lead the both of them out the latrine, down the hallway once again. The soft sound of feet padding on linoleum filled the quiet hallway. 

Lucas could feel the dampness of the hand on his arm, and bit his lip. He thought maybe he understood a little, no matter how far-fetched it sounded, why Nathan made himself so unapproachable. 

"You act like the press is gonna come barging through the doors if you so much as let someone wipe your mouth for you. I mean, its not like I would know, though. I don't know a lot about you. I don't know a lot about most of my patients. What I'm trying to say is Is the sky really falling like you say, it is? My shoes aren't that bad, are they? Vulnerability isn't a bad thing, I think. So what if my shoes are ugly, there has to be a place for ugly shoes somewhere in this world. Might as well be my feet right?", he gushed all at once. He immediately wished he could swallow every syllable back up. It wasn't like him to say so much, usually, but his pent up energy had to go somewhere. Usually, he would be vibrating, busy with things to do. Pacing yourself down to the speed of a patient with some sort of lung disease wasn't what he had in mind for the night. 


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