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"Well thank you, Nathan. You can call me Lucas"

Lucas rolled his eyes, cheeks reddening. "I'm also starting to like you"? And that comment from before. God, don't tell me he's that rich playboy type. Lucas mulled over the idea briefly though, before addressing Nathan again. He was once again perched on the seat by the bedside, meant for visitors but as of yet unoccupied by anyone actually related to Nathan. That fact saddened him a little. He thought it wouldn't hurt if he tried to befriend the other man.

They were face to face as they spoke, Lucas meeting Nathan's eyes. He smiled slightly at him fumbling over his words, it was obvious he never had to try to tone down the aristocracy in his voice. Amusement aside though, Lucas tried his best to understand where his temporary companion was coming from. Everything that Nathan implied his life was like sounded too foreign. Maybe eventually he would understand though.

"You might be right there, don't think I could enjoy myself half as much with someone breathing down my back", he nodded.

"No, it's no problem. There isn't a whole lot I can do this early in the morning anyway", he said conversationally as he stood up to pour himself a drink. Handling the plastic pitcher, he poured two cups of water. He hummed, eyes glued on the artificial, brightly colored flowers. Unlike many inhabitants in the hospital, those plastic flowers were one of the few things that couldn't wither. They didn't breathe. Or cough or hack or wheeze or spit blood. They didn't slog through endless days like he did. In the small section of the hospital the two of them occupied, probably the only two people (voluntarily) awake, he felt a certain kinship.

"You know— Shit, can you take a deep breath? No?", he asked quickly, already hunched over the patient on the bed. It took him by surprise how suddenly Nathan's condition took a turn for the worse again. It's because I let my guard down. Idiot, idiot, idiot. Where's my pager? His mind was racing, one hand fishing through his pocket, the other on Nathan's back.

The panic subsided though, and presumably the pain in Nathan's chest as well. Lucas heaved a sigh. 

"You're scheduled for a few blood tests today, CT, x-ray; maybe a bronchoscopy if we still can't figure out what's up", he said mechanically. In the state of emergency, his mind had already shifted back into gear as a doctor, instead of a lonely boy trying to make an unlikely friend. 

"A nurse should be with you soon. We usually take blood in the morning.", he says, sipping at his water and offering Nathan a cup with his other hand. 

"I'm just a resident though. I might be back later with Dr. Schneider and the whole team... Um, I'm sorry. I'm probably not the best person to talk to"


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