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"It's alright. Sometimes I call the little kids staying in pediatric Mr Smith or Ms Alesworth or whatever. Like they're all fancy and grown up. Gives us both a little kick, I think", he laughed a bit. Contrary to his more or less flat manner of speech, Lucas had a melodious laugh. Clear as bells. He didn't let Nathan know that doing that stemmed from the hope that those kids Lucas talked to might have the chance to actually grow up into Mr Smith's and Ms Aleworth's. The almost permanent residents of the pediatric ward did not have very bright futures ahead of them.

"Oh, I'm sorry to heat about that. About Salome. Hiver, that sounds so fitting though!", he clapped his hands together, amused just by hearing about the kitten. 

"Ah, I do, but I can't exactly say I'm a cat person just yet. I haven't had one before", he ran his fingers through his hair, smiling slightly. He would love to be able to take care of a little furr ball of his own though. Cats would probably be the only pet independent enough for his busy schedule. He felt calm thinking about what it would be like to have something to curl up against him when he went to bed. 

"Say, if you ever need anyone to babysit Hiver...", he said stumbling over his words. An awkward laugh escaped through his lips. It was meant to be a joke, but he found himself getting too serious about babysitting stranger's cats. It seemed like tonight was coaxing a lot of unusual behaviour out of him. Shit, Nathan probably thought he was some creep. The guy probably sent all his cats to some five-star cat hotel anyway. It was worth a shot though.

"So uh, what exactly do you do anyway?", he asked, trying to change the subject. Lucas was still wasn't in the know about this supposed Fischer empire. As knowledgeable as he was to certain things, he was absolutely clueless about things like current affairs or new movies or anything. 

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Lucas Odierno