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Lucas smiled back brightly. In the back of his mind, he was glad Nathan trusted him enough to let him at it with his phone. He certainly knew he wouldn't let anyone look through his. Some contacts in his phone could be more than a little incriminating. He wandered over to the coat rack, retrieving the phone from the jacket. It was a sleek looking smart phone. Lucas would have expected no less. Swiping through pictures of the adorable felines, he smiled to himself. As he stared at the pictures of the cats, he occasionally acknowledged Nathan with a nod nod or mumble, too distracted with the pictures.

He perked up when he sensed the insecurity in Nathan's voice though. He was talking about his work, and Lucas would be stupid not to notice it was a bit of a taboo issue for the other man. Truthfully, he had never heard of Fischer Ignis, but he listened like he knew.

"Wow. That must be.. a lot of pressure", he said finally, unsure of how to respond. Being in such a high position likely wasn't easy, and to top if all of Nathan was riddled with some unknown lung disease. Lucas thought he was taking it well. Not as much of a pansy as he initially thought he was. 

"Don't worry. You're not that bad. Always room for improvement though", he joked but his eyes were tender. He had a vague feeling he would be seeing a lot of the other male from now on. 


Voluntarily taking the night shift used to be a once in a while gig for Lucas, he did have another job after all. The bar functioned solely at night, and he only took early shifts at the hospital to step back and take a breather from the metallic shorts and neon lights. After hearing about Nathan's extended stay in the hospital though, he found himself on night shift every day. 

The routine would be the same. He would rush over from Lower Manhattan, up to the hospital, change, do a few tasks for the doctors, wander around, and then visit Nathan. By now, the man had had most of his tests done and processed. 

Like clockwork, the hospital would die down around five in the morning, and Lucas found himself in Nathan's room. 

The second night of Nathan's stay, he came in with a small tote bag of things, a thermos in his other hand.

"I come bearing gifts", he had said, trying to keep a straight face. 

In the bag was a pack of playing cards, envelopes full of blood analyses and x-rays, and a beat up chess board he had brought from home. He didn't know what Nathan preferred, but figured nobody could say no to hot chocolate. He didn't know what had come over him, but Lucas decided not to question it. His brother had always said not to question something that made you feel good. Then again, that was his rambunctious dirt bag of a brother. He had always called his brother a dirt bag in the most loving of ways though.

And that's how he found himself huddled under a flickering hospital lamp, trying his best to eat Nathan's queen off the board.  

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