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Lucas nodded, his lips pressed thinly in a smile. The view was great. Magical even, like he had expected. The momentary serenity in his face spoke for itself. He reclined back into the couch as Nathan handed him his drink and sat himself down. 

"Alex is real nice. We work at the bar together", he beamed. "He gave me these", he said, pointing to the bottles on the table. He didn't think too much of Nathan's words, that Nathan was worried. It made him feel nice though. Lucas wouldn't get his hopes up like that just to be crushed. Nathan was a responsible adult, unlike Lucas. He cared as friends cared, and nothing more. Nathan was overly polite, probably was raised that way, able to socialize smoothly and effortlessly. To be able to proffer niceties through his teeth. That's what he kept telling himself in the back of his mind, though not in so many words. It was more like a vague feeling. Lucas, intoxicated and carefree, swung his socked feet to and fro. Although he usually kept a calm exterior, that veneer quickly dropped when he wasn't sober. He almost seemed to revert to a child in his mannerisms. 

"You like me?", he laughed, seeming to be listening selectively now, answering as if the other questions hadn't been asked. He had definitely heard them though, he just didn't wish to ruin this moment. Not yet, anyway. He owed it to Nathan to explain why he was here, but not yet. That one statement made him too giddy, and he wanted to dwell in it a little first. 

"Well if you like me, and I like you, who's driving the car?", he cracked up at his own nonsensical ramblings. He thought his joke was awfully funny, even if nobody was laughing. That was the kind of drunk he was. 

All of sudden, Nathan lurched forward. At that, his eyes widened. At this proximity, Lucas could easily count the eyelashes on the other man, smell the expensive cologne on his neck. Lucas had never been this close to anyone before, well not in a situation like this anyway. He definitely wouldn't classify the encounter with Jason the same as the situation right now. Lucas had never kissed anyone either, which for a fleeting second he thought Nathan might change. He held his breath.

Then Nathan pulled away, and Lucas exhaled. He didn't know if he felt relieved or disappointed, so he laughed. The unnecessary noise felt jarring even to his own ears.

He looked down at his glass, scratching at the back of his nape. 

"Psh, you're not a bad host. I should say sorry...", he began. "I just... thought I would drop by to see Hiver! You said I could on your card right?", he lied, exaggeratedly looking around for the ball of fur. Yes, that was a perfect excuse. "Anyway, don't worry about it! I'm just drunk because well, it's sort of comes with the job, ha ha. I work at a bar. Yeah, I know, probably weird seeing your doctor show up at your house looking like a tramp", he rambled on. 

"I swear I don't do anything though! Anything, er, sexual", he said suddenly, as if the thought had just occurred to him that Nathan might think that way. He waved his hands in front of him, cheeks red from both the alcohol and the embarrassment. Suddenly realizing the colour in Nathan's cheek as well, he grinned.

"Hey, you're so red. I thought I was the wasted one here", he jested, quickly forgetting his embarrassment and leaning in to gently prod at Nathan's cheek. Nathan had a strong jaw, not an ounce of baby fat. He was gorgeous. Lucas thought he might be gaping a bit. Hopefully not.

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