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Lucas tipped his head back, smirking. Lying this way, his glass supported precariously by the tips of his fingers, you could see the pale expanse of his neck. 

"It's called the Rockhard", Lucas said. If he had been even a tinier bit sober, he would be cringing at how bad the bar sounded, just going by the name. "Careful, I don't think someone like you would be caught dead there", he contorted his eyebrows, making some face that he thought was supposed to be convincing. Needless to say his motor functions were pretty much shot when he was drunk. 

Lucas stared as Nathan spoke, maybe a bit too openly for comfort. His light grey eyes traced over the arrogant slope of the other man's nose, the little dimpling from his strong cheekbones. He was completely enamored, even if it was just beer goggles or whatever. At Nathan's question though, he snapped back to reality. After finally realizing what Nathan was asking, he let out an unexpected laugh. 

"You're kidding. The only girl I like is my mom!", he jested. If only someone could tell him his drunken humor wasn't actually funny. "No but really, I'm not too... keen on girls I guess", he couldn't help but make himself obvious. 

"How about you? You don't have any supermodel fiance who's gonna bust in here and toss me out, do you? Or are you and Hiver already engaged?", he asked, making exaggerated hand motions at every action he described. It was a light hearted question, but he kind of hoped Nathan wasn't unavailable.  Nathan probably already found it beyond weird. Plus that would make everything awkward for him, he was probably going to pass out any time now with the way that his eyelids were drooping. They felt heavy and his mind felt that pleasant haze that indicated sleep would be claiming you soon. 

"That would be... really bad... me being here", he mumbled, leaning his head onto his arm, smirking sleepily.
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Lucas Odierno